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Compact Deluxe Polycourt Package


Just like the Deluxe Poly Court the Compact version offers the ultimate playing surface for the perfect game of shuffleboard. It is constructed in strong interlocking tiles with a unique patented surface which allows the discs to glide without deflection.

However the compact court does not have the burgundy tiled standing area at each end  for approaching the court on. This allows our new courts to fit into even tighter spaces.

The new compact court can be assembled in less than an hour or left in–situ for regular play.

Each court is supplied painted and ready to play. You simply need a firm flat surface to lay it over; this could be wood, concrete, asphalt or carpet, indoors or out. Miniature teeth on the underside prevent the tiles from sliding.

The Compact Deluxe Court is a smart and durable attraction to any games area in a hotel, holiday or caravan park. It can be a tremendously popular addition to a retirement complex, where it encourages interaction and friendly competition between residents. Best of all, once laid it requires virtually no maintenance.

The complete package comes with:  The  Compact Deluxe Court, Continental Cue Set with 4 cues and 8 discs, shuffleboard strategy book, scoreboard and silicone spray.

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