Mini Roll-Out

The Mini Roll-Out Court Package


Includes: 27ft Roll-Out court, 8 discs, 4 cues, Mini scoreboard, strategy book and silicone spray.

The Mini Roll-Out is most often used indoors on wooden or tiled floors, and is ideal for village halls, schools, community or leisure centres. It takes just minutes to set up, so it’s perfect for corporate entertainment and friendly team competitions.

It is light enough to store in your house or garage, then unroll it in minutes for a game on your driveway or patio, but the surface must be hard and totally flat. Ridges or small pebbles will cause the discs to deflect. This can be overcome with a sheet of vinyl flooring under the court.

It’s a great way to amuse the children or entertain your friends at a barbecue. Everyone can join in, young or old.

The Mini Roll-Out is made from poly-reinforced vinyl and weighs only 9kgs ( 20lbs ). Silicone spray helps the discs glide more easily.

The Continental cues have gold anodized aluminium tubing and are 72” overall in length. They feature the Arco swivelled runners for a quiet smooth delivery (runners and cue heads are replaceable). The latest style all-plastic cue head is specifically designed to perform well on all courts.

The set of 8 Tournament discs – 4 yellow and 4 black – are used in shuffleboard worldwide because of their durability, chip resistance and running qualities. The 6” discs are easy to distinguish at the opposite end of the court, and are the official size approved by the National Shuffleboard Association. They are perfectly balanced, matched and made from waterproof plastic material.

Mini Roll-Out Dimensions

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