TV’s Carol Bundock takes her cue!

Later Life Shuffleboard

Norfolk Boards stand at the Norwich Later Life Show proved a great success with both visitors and fellow exhibitors alike . The show court was in play all day with special guest , local news celebrity Carol Bundock trying her hand at the game and apparently enjoying it very much.

Wymondham Shuffleboard Club Launched

The new Wymondham Shuffleboard Club has launched this month with two very well attended sessions already under our belt. Playing on 4 roll-out courts we have around 25 to 30 people who have picked up the basic skills of the game very quickly and are now starting to recognize the challenge that the game presents. We meet every other Friday afternoon at Central Hall, Wymondham, with new members more than welcome to join us from any part of the local area .

Wymondham Club Court Wymondham Club Players Wymondham Club Playing