First Austrian Shuffleboard Championships

Earlier this month, the first Austrian Shuffleboard Championships took place in Vienna. A field of 24 players enjoyed the competition with Stefan Kures being crowned champion.

The competition was declared a great success and as a result of it, the possibility of establishing regional clubs in Austria has already been discussed.
This competition is hopefully the first of many in Austria as interest grows. In addition, the popularity and profile of the game there can only be enhanced by the staging of the world.

Inaugural European Shuffleboard Championship

Amidst much anticipation the inaugural European Shuffleboard Championship took place last weekend (3rd & 4th March) in Hohenroda Germany.

A squad of 5 men and 5 women represented the UK in this singles format event.  They were competing primarily against players from Norway and Germany whose extensive tournament experience was bound to be a major factor. Despite this, good results were achieved by Trevor and Cathy Seaman who both finished 11th in their category and Martin  who came 12th.

The men’s champion was Torben Hussmannand the women’s event was won by the diminutive 12 year-old Fabienne Fluck. It was great to see them prove that shuffleboard is far from being justa senior’s sport.

The presentation of the entire tournament was absolutely superb and much credit should  go to the German Shuffleboard association for this. The Hohenroda resort hotel is perfect both as a competitive venue and as a location for the plWangerayers to enjoy one another’s company in the evenings. It was unanimously agreed to return there in two years time to do it all again.