World Shuffleboard Championships

The 36th ISA World Shuffleboard Championship took place in Rio de Janeiro during the week of the 23rd July. It was a singles event this time and the first occasion in which the championships have been played in South America. It proved a great success and Michael Hirsch (USA) and Ellen Hansson (Norway) were crowned champions and winners of the Golden Cue.

Imminent World Championships

The shuffleboard world comes together again on 24th October for the 35th World Championships in St Cloud Florida. The UK is entering both a men’s and women’s team for the first time. Taking part are :

MEN                                                        WOMEN

Pete Davis                                               Lesley Davis

Phil Hill                                                      Pam Hill

Trevor Seaman                                         Cathy Seaman

Phil O’Brien                                               Kerry Bailey

Trevor Colby                                             Tania Green

The event takes place over 5 days in the Orlando sunshine and will be very challenging for us Brits against some of the best players in the world but we will be no push-overs. We’ll let you know how it goes.


The ISA World Shuffleboard Championships took place at the Clearwater Club on the west coast of Florida from 26th to 30th October 2015. Nine full member countries were involved and for the first time this included the UK with our new association being inducted to membership. There were men’s and women’s singles events with Bob Jones of Ohio triumphing for the guys and Alice Enos best lady.

Pete and Lesley Davis of the UK were first time entrants and acquitted themselves well in this top-level company.

The whole affair was successfully run with great precision and in an extremely friendly way, thanks in no small measure to the many dedicated volunteers from the Clearwater club.