Compact Euro Polycourt

Compact Euro Polycourt


The compact Euro poly court is the same as the standard court but without the burgundy-tiled approach area at each end

It also differs in size from the Deluxe version, but is constructed of the same high-quality “click-together” tiles.
The discs slide effortlessly from end to end thanks to tiny domes on the surface, and the construction allows water to drain through so you can play immediately after rain.

The Poly-tile courts can be broken down into smaller sections for storage. With a little experience, it is possible to dismantle or rebuild the court in 15-20 minutes. This means it can be easily transported for “fun days” or corporate events. In fact, most of our customers leave the court set up for the whole summer, so it’s brilliant for hotels, holiday resorts and camp sites.

Such is the compulsive nature of shuffleboard that you’ll want to play again and again.

Like the Euro court the compact version also has a bevelled edge. Additional tiles in a contrasting colour can be supplied as needed to border the court and give an attractive finish to the installation.

compact euro poly court

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